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Feature Film Investment Disclaimer

Please Read This Disclaimer Carefully

Investing in a feature film carries certain risks that potential investors should be aware of. While participating in the making of a feature film can be an exciting and potentially lucrative endeavor, it is essential to understand the inherent risks involved. We strongly recommend that you consult with legal and financial advisors before making any investment decisions related to the feature film you have invested in.

1. No Guaranteed Returns: Investing in a feature film does not guarantee any financial returns. The success of a film is uncertain and depends on numerous factors, including but not limited to script quality, production execution, marketing efforts, competition, and audience reception.

2. Risk of Loss: You may lose your entire investment, and there is a risk that you may not recoup any portion of your investment in [Feature Film Title]. Many feature films do not recover their production and marketing costs and, as a result, do not generate profits for investors.

3. Market Volatility: The film industry can be unpredictable and subject to changes in audience preferences, economic conditions, and technological advancements. Market conditions can significantly affect the financial performance of a film.

4. Lack of Liquidity: Investments in feature films are typically illiquid. Your investment may be tied up for an extended period, and it may not be easy to sell or transfer your investment interest.

5. Limited Control: As an investor in a feature film, you may have limited influence over creative and business decisions. The control of the film’s production and distribution may be vested in experienced professionals and may not be subject to your input.

6. Potential Legal and Regulatory Risks: Film investments may be subject to legal and regulatory requirements that can be complex and subject to change. It is important to understand the legal and tax implications of your investment.

7. Incomplete Information: The information provided to potential investors may be incomplete or subject to change. You should conduct thorough due diligence and seek independent advice to assess the investment opportunity fully.

8. Risk of Delays: Film production can be subject to delays due to various factors, including weather, talent availability, and unforeseen logistical challenges. These delays can impact both the cost and potential returns of your investment.

9. No Assurance of Distribution: Even if a film is completed, there is no guarantee that it will secure distribution, and if it does, it may not secure favorable distribution terms, which can affect the financial outcome for investors.

10. Past Performance is Not Indicative of Future Results: Past successes or failures of filmmakers, producers, or studios do not necessarily predict the outcome of the Film you have invested in. Each film project is unique and may have its own set of circumstances that influence its success.

Conclusion: Investing in a Feature Film involves substantial risks, including the risk of losing your entire investment. You should only consider investing if you can afford the loss of your investment without compromising your financial stability. It is advisable to seek professional advice and thoroughly evaluate the investment opportunity before making any financial commitment.

By investing in a Feature Film, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this disclaimer and that you are investing at your own risk. The producers and parties involved in the making of the Feature Film do not provide any guarantees or assurances of financial returns. 

ACT Animation Films is not and does not portray or attempt to portray itself as a registered or authorised financial services provider or render financial services in respect of financial products as defined in the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 2002 (“the FAIS Act “) and, ACT Animation Films does not portray or attempt to portray itself as registered or authorised to render security services as those terms are defined in the Securities Services Act, 2004 (“the SS Act “), ACT Animation Films does not guarantee or warrant any returns, sales or outcomes.

It is recorded in this disclaimer that ACT Animation Films has in no way whatsoever given business and/or financial advice to the Investor but merely acted as agent in providing information to the Investor.