On the outskirts of Johannesburg below a symbolic landmark, 250 meters below the city streets lies a top secret military compound that develops weapons for military application.

Multi-millionaire Professor Julian Kruger with a PHD in quantum science and robotics has always been fascinated with creating weapons of mass destruction.

Angry at the world who reject him for his bizarre research and behaviour, Prof Julian Kruger has been a busy man, developing the latest in untested “foreign” weaponry.

With the assistance of Adrian Morris played by (Simon Webb) a meteorologist who has discovered a meteor containing “foreign” DNA, and a geneticist Sarah Millar played by (Rachelle Copper) they intend on harnessing its power by genetically integrating its foreign DNA energy into the ultimate biomechanical weapon.

Only one man stands in his way, a news journalist Richard Gibson played by (Kyle Winston) who is obsessed with uncovering the truth about the South African Military organisation.

Caught up in a story bigger than he could ever have imagined, Richard must uncover the truth before it’s too late and stop the unthinkable from happening!

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In the sci-fi action thriller “Rise of the Dome”, a massive bio mechanical force rises
from beneath the city of Johannesburg, crushing everything in it’s path, this
scientifically engineered creation threatens to exterminate everyone and anyone
who stands in it’s way and eradicate the entire human population off the face of
the Earth.

Rise of the Dome is written, directed and produced by Patrick Garcia and ACT
Animation Films who are also currently producing Africa’s largest 3D Animated
Sci-fi feature film entitled “The Body Defenders”

Richard Gibson as Kyle Winston
Adrian Morris as Simon Webb
Craig Nelson as Prof Julian Kruger
Sarah Millar as Rachelle Copper
Jason Lee as Frank Underwood
Teddy Newton as James woods
(Full cast on request)
Official Sites: Rise of the Dome Movie | Official Facebook
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Release Date: 2 November 2018 (USA)
Also Known As: The Hidden Giant
Runtime: 10 minutes
Sound Mix: DTS-ES | Dolby Digital EX | SDDS
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1
Negative Format: Digital
Cinematographic Process: 3-D (3-D version: 2018 release)
Digital (source format)
Digital Intermediate (master format)


Story: 90/100
Visual Effects: 80/100
Cinematography: 70/100